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2024年三月份執事會報告 March Church Council Announcements


感恩今年我們教會成立50週年。 願一切榮耀歸給上帝!  


我們正積極計劃和進行籌備, 需要更多弟兄姊妹積極參與。如有興趣參與籌備工作, 請聯絡我們當中的事工領袖/牧者。


  • 為教會發展委員會禱告,尋求建築項目發展方向。

  • 坡道建設許可證批發前最後階段, 預備坡道建設工程

  • 鄰屋6247 預備四月開始進行裝修


  • 英語聘牧, 4月7日特別會友大會呼召國語傳道人

  • 教會建築發展/ 設施提升項目/ 6247維修工程

  • 同行新生事工發展與資源分配

  • 教會外展福音課程/ 外展事工:

  • 太極福音班 (3月16日至5月11日/ 6月1日至8月31日)

  • 伸展福音班 (4月28日至7月28日)

  • ESL 課程

  • 新生園/ ESL 團契

NLCLC’s 50th year Anniversary

This year is our Church’s 50th year Anniversary. We want to Give Glory to God for what He has done for us. Celebrating 50 years of God’s Blessings! We will be having a dinner banquet on Sunday June 30 at Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond and special Anniversary worship services that weekend.  There are still many things to do in the planning process and we are in need of ideas and helpers. Please contact the pastors or a ministry leader if interested!

Church Development and Renovation projects

  • Please pray for the team as we continue to seek for the guidance on the building project. 

  • Ramp permit in the final stage

  • 6247 renovation will commence in April

Other Prayer Items:

  • English Pastoral Search & April 7 SCM to call a NLCLC Pastor serving in Mandarin Ministry

  • Church Building Development & Renovation projects ( ramp permit and build & 6247 renovation)

  • Cantonese Newcomer’s ministry: resources to support the growth

  • Outreach classes in Cantonese and Mandarin:

  • Tai Chi Gospel classes March 16-May 11, June 1-August 31

  • Stretching Gospel classes April 28-July 28

  • ESL classes

  • New Life Garden/ESL fellowship



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