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2024年四月份執事會報告 April Church Council Announcements

  1. 關利興弟兄 (Matthew) 5月起將會在粵語部作實習神學生。他目前在加拿大華人神學院修讀道學碩士。 

  2. 教會發展/ 設施提升:

    1. 感謝上帝! 市政府已批出坡道翻新的建築許可證。我們目前正在為翻新工程尋找招標。

    2. 鄰屋6247的翻修已經開始,預計工程將於5月中旬完成。

  3. 教會50週年: 週年紀念崇拜特別安排: 6月29日星期六:上午11時 粵語周年紀念崇拜 (英語翻譯粵語) 6月30日星期日: 主題:上帝在我們中間行了大事(馬可福音5:21-43),由加拿大信義宗聯會的前主席Pastor Edward Skutshek分享信息。 六月三十日下午六時在烈治文的幸運海鮮酒家舉行五十周年慶祝晚宴。 詳情參閱海報。

    1. 上午10時 粵語周年紀念崇拜 (英語翻譯粵語)

    2. 上午11時45 分  國語和英語聯合崇拜 (英語翻譯普通話)

  4. 英語部與信義巴色崇真堂將於5月5日在本堂舉行聯合崇拜。

  5. 我們的教堂建築有多年的歷史了! 如果您留意到洗手間排水緩慢或其他地方漏水,請立刻通知教會總務或其他執事/ 領袖, 讓問題盡快得到處理。

  6. 為教會禱告: 

  • 為英語事工聘牧禱告: 求主預備合適的人選並帶領甄選的過程;

  • ⁠為國語部候任同工李碩傳道禱告,求聖靈引導他的回應,並帶領他與教會有美好的配搭服事。

  • 8月5日執事退修會 : 尋求教會願景,事工重點和教堂建築發展方向

  • 教會建築發展/ 設施提升項目/ 6247維修工程

  • 同行新生事工發展與資源分配

  • 教會外展福音課程/ 外展事工:

    • 太極福音班 (3月16日至5月11日/ 6月1日至8月31日)

    • 伸展福音班 (4月28日至7月28日)

    • ESL 課程

    • 新生園/ ESL 團契

  1. Starting in May, Matthew Kwan will be doing his pastoral internship in CM. He is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity Degree at the Canadian Chinese School of Theology, Vancouver. We are happy to welcome and support him in his pastoral studies! Praise God!

  2. At long last, the City of Vancouver has given us the building permit for our ramp renovation.

    1. Thanks be to God! We are currently looking for tenders for the renovation work. If you know of any General Contractors willing to put in a tender for the project, please let a member of the CDC know.

    2. Renovations to 6247 Main street have begun and are expected to be completed by mid May, next month. We are thankful for all the hard work the CDC has put in and look forward to having a nice new space to meet and fellowship.

  3. Our 50th Anniversary celebration this year will be held on the weekend of June 29 and 30. Theme: God has done great things among us (Mark 5:21-43) Saturday June 29: 11am CM Special Anniversary Worship Service Sunday June 30: 10am CM Special Anniversary Worship Service 11:45am Joint MM and EM Special Anniversary Worship Service 6pm Dinner Banquet at Continental Seafood Restaurant Save the date and come join us in celebrating God’s blessings over all the years!

  4. EM will be having a joint worship service with Basel Hakka Lutheran Church on May 5 at our location.

  5. Reminder, that our church building is quite old. If you notice any issues with the washrooms, slow drainage or water leaks, please let a leadership member know as soon as possible so the issue can be dealt with before it becomes a bigger problem. Thank you in advance for everyone’s help and attention.

  6. Prayer Items:

  • English Ministry Pastoral Search

  • Thanksgiving and continued guidance for Pastoral Call of Pastor Steven Li

  • Council/Leadership Retreat on August 5 - Visioning church direction, ministry focus and Church Building Development direction

  • Church New building and renovation:

    1. Church Building Development Project continued fundraising

    2. Ramp renovation next step - tendering and hiring contractor

  • CM newcomers ministry projects and resources to facilitate and support the growth

  • Outreach classes:

  • Tai Chi Gospel classes March 16-May 11, June 1-August 31

  • Stretching Gospel classes April 28-July 28

  • ESL classes

  • New Life Garden/ESL fellowship



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